Afloia Air Purifier Review: Everything You Should Know About Afloia Fillo Air Purifier

Afloia Air Purifier Review - Afloia Fillo
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Today, I’m going to write a blog post about the Afloia air purifier review. Do you know that the air is filled with different kinds of harmful gases and particles that can cause severe damage to our health?

We breathe about 10,000 liters of air on average every day. This makes it essential for us to have an efficient device at our home or workplace that can clean the environment.

Fortunately, this unbiased Afloia air purifier review will help you find the best product in the market, also saving you time and money. Here, I’ll discuss the features and specifications as well as various pros and cons of the Afloia Fillo air purifier before giving a final verdict on whether you need to include it in your shopping list or not.

What is the Afloia Fillo Air Purifier About?

The Afloia Fillo air purifier is a new generation of air purifiers that has the capacity to make a house cleaner and healthier. It enables you to get rid of bad odors from daily life, get rid of pets’ hair, protect you from allergens, and allow you to live and work in the right atmosphere.

The product distinguishes itself by being fashionable and smart-looking. It covers 360 degrees with advanced sensors for better protection guaranteeing a healthier life for everyone while saving energy by 20%.

The Afloia Fillo air purifier has an intuitive control panel that allows you to program the settings according to your preferences for better performance. The device also comes with a three-stage filtration system for trapping microscopic contaminants, allergens, dust particles, pollen, bacteria, and other harmful gases present in the surrounding air.

All these features combined make it one of the best available products in the market at this given price range; $79 – $99 on Amazon.

Afloia Air Purifier Review: Product Features and Specifications

  • 3-Layer Filtration and 3-Speed Fan
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The Afloia Fillo air purifier is equipped with a powerful air intake system to suck in the dirty and polluted air from the room and pass it through multiple filters before releasing clean and fresh air into your surrounding environment.

Its 3-in-1 filtration system (i.e., pre-filter, HEPA filter, and active carbon filter) can be adjusted manually for desired results depending on the surrounding environmental conditions.

It also features a three-speed fan: high, medium, and low, allowing you to select the one that suits your requirements better.

  • Noise Level

You can control, monitor, and program it according to your own preferences, just like any other appliance for home automation systems. Its noise level is between 24 and 48dB, which is considerably low.

More so, you change the device settings easily without any complicated procedures or hard reset options.

  • Compact Design
Afloia Air Purifier Review - Design
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Afloia Fillo air purifier has a sleek design having dimensions of 7L x 7W x 16H inches, making it suitable for installation in small bedrooms or home offices without occupying too much space on your work desk or bedroom floor either.

Afloia Fillo air purifier has already won the German iF Design Gold Award 2019 which means the outstanding design quality of a product has been confirmed internationally. This unique design appearance with three colors option: White, Black, and Cyan is popular with many people.

  • Timing

There is a LED panel on the control unit where you can adjust the settings for desired results. More so, depending on your preference, you can set this device to run continuously for up to 2/4/8 hours, which is more than enough to make your room completely odor-free and eliminate all kinds of contaminants from the air, making it safe for breathing again even during flu season.

  • Purification Power

Afloia Fillo’s air purification power is as high as 99.99%, making it an effective tool for ridding the air of mold, pet dander, pollen, foul odors, smoke, and more. It also conserves energy since its daily power consumption and working power are about 0.84kWh and 35 watts, respectively.

Pros and Cons of the Afloia Fillo Air Purifier

Highlighted below are some essential pros and cons that you might want to consider before making any purchase decision:


  • Sleek and very portable
  • Has 3-layer filtration; Preliminary Filtration, HEPA Filtration, Active Carbon Filtration
  • It can be used both as a stand-alone unit or mounted onto wall brackets, making it suitable for all kinds of users.
  • It is best suited for rooms of about 220-880 square feet or even less without requiring constant attention from your side.
  • The device is completely safe, non-toxic, and harmless to humans and pets. It does not release any harmful fumes into the surrounding air making it completely safe to operate even for users who have asthma or other respiratory problems.
  • The device can filter ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns which are capable of reaching the deepest recesses of your lungs by clinging to the ceiling fan and walls.


  • Users need to replace filters every 4-6 months.
  • The power source is exclusively AC. You may need to deal with the power cord while moving it.

Final Verdict

If you don’t prioritize your home’s cleanliness and maintenance, there will be many dust particles, germs, and other harmful pollutants that can cause many diseases. Simply opening the window once in a while won’t solve the problem either. To keep your family healthy and save them from any kind of health problems, investing in an air purifier is necessary nowadays.Afloia Air Purifier Review - Final Verdict

In my honest opinion, I’ll say the Afloia Fillo air purifier is ideal if you are looking for a compact yet powerful air purifier having sufficient power to give quick relief, even during flu season.

It has several advanced features like automatic operation modes where you simply need to push one button to clean the surrounding. Thus, making it suitable for homes having people exposed to respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.

In this Afloia air purifier review, I’ll have to conclude that it is a good product for small rooms of about 200-800 square ft. Hence, it is not recommended for large rooms, especially areas high in humidity and moisture content.

However, if you are looking for an air purifier that cleans the air at a very fast pace without being too expensive, then this might be just what you are looking for. It is sold on Amazon for about $80 as I’m writing. Also, its lightweight design makes it suitable for people who travel frequently and still want to ensure they have clean air in their new destination.

Considering its price, portability, and efficiency, I think it’s worth having. Just make sure to consider the points mentioned above before making your final buying decision!

If you have any questions about this Afloia air purifier review, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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