Dyson Zone – The Best Wearable Air Purifier?

The ability to protect oneself from environmental and noise pollution using a single device sounds fantastic. Yet it raises challenges for anyone looking for the best wearable air purifier. It is what Dyson, famous for its high-end vacuum cleaners, provides by unveiling the “Dyson Zone wearable air purifier.” The latter is a headphone with air purification technology to eliminate the growing air and noise pollution many of us experience daily.

Dyson Launches New Air Purifying Headphones

Dyson Zone Wearable Air Purifier Specifications

Dyson has not released the specs for these headphones at the moment. So, I can’t explore, for example, their frequency response or total harmonic distortion. Therefore, I will rely on the revealed details:

  • The Dyson Zone as an Air Purifier

Although it looks futuristic and eye-catching, the Dyson Zone is an air purifier. The two powerful compressors on the earpieces suck the air in before filtering out harmful pollutants. The clean airflow flows through the visor on both sides to the mouth and nose. According to Dyson, the shield is magnetic and does not touch the face. You can also use the headset without the visor.

Inside The Filtration System Of Dyson’s Air Purifying Headphones

Dyson praises that air purification is very effective since the wearable captures 99% of pollutants, including dust and bacteria. You can also fit it with a charcoal filter to divert dangerous gases like sulfur dioxide or add an FFP2 mask (where FFP stands for filtering facepiece). The Dyson Zone also uses technology that monitors the volume of air passing through the device and adjusts the power accordingly to avoid dilution with external air.

  • The Dyson Zone as a Headset with Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

Apart from the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) feature, Bluetooth connection, and USB Type-C port, Dyson didn’t talk about the technical features of the Dyson Zone. It promises rich, immersive audio output and long-term comfort when wearing the headset in different scenarios.

See How Dyson Headphones Produce Pure, Clean Audio

Battery life will vary depending on the air purifier’s use and the headphones. Mixed-use of the headset with a low purification level could give you up to 4.5 hours of battery life, or about 1.5 hours with maximum purification. If you use the ANC headset alone, you could last up to 40 hours on a single charge. It’s also fast charge compatible and can go from 0-60% in 20 minutes.

Dyson Zone Features

According to the first information shared by the company, the features and functionalities revealed so far are:

  • Contact-free airflow visor: to distribute two streams of pure air to the mouth and nose.
  • A combination of active noise reduction and neodymium amplifiers: it produces a deep, authentic sound.
  • Three ANC options: Isolation, Conversation, and Transparency. Isolation delivers the ultimate sound suppression, while the Conversation function, enabled by dropping the visor, disables filtration engines for better interaction with the person you’re talking to. And Transparency cuts off some noise, allowing you to stay focused on the environment around you.
  • Electromagnetic filter: To remove 99% of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns, such as dust, bacteria, and dirt.
  • Carbon filter enhanced with Potassium: to trap gases such as Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide.
  • A unique design provides clean air and high-quality audio performance.

Dyson Zone Promises Incredible Functionalities & Benefits

Dyson stands for significant experience in the field of home air purifier technology. This brand has been competing in this market since 2015; they are famous for their design, efficiency, and ease of use. These products are of a definite premium nature.

Interestingly, Dyson says its engineers spent six years designing these air-purifying filter headphones; in that time, they made 500 prototypes before reaching the final product.

Best Wearable Air Purifier - Dyson Zone
Image Source: Dyson.com

One of the features that most appeals that make Dyson Zone the best wearable air purifier is that, unlike the masks we’ve all been used to wearing for months, the visor’s ability to project clean air towards our nose and mouth prevents it from coming into contact with our skin, thus avoiding irritation and improving its practicality

To highlight its filter capacity, Dyson shared some data worth mentioning briefly. According to Dyson, the electrostatic filtering procedure that the headphones use manages to retain 99% of contaminating particles of 0.1 microns or more, such as dust, pollen, or certain bacteria. In addition, the potassium-enriched carbon filter they use captures many of the polluting gases we breathe in urban areas, like Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, or Ozone.

However, that’s not all, Dyson offers an FFP2 filter that can be installed on the helmet visor whenever we are in a space where there is a possibility of exposure to particles of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the one we all know familiarly as Coronavirus) or other infectious disease agents. Also, we can remove the visor and use this device as if it were a conventional wireless headset in situations when we don’t need to filter the air (for example, inside the home).

Dyson incorporates a neodymium electroacoustic system, commonly used in high-end headphones and speakers and currently among the most powerful commercially available in the world because it generates a stronger magnetic field, enabling a high-quality sound performance. Also, the active noise-cancellation technology employed by this brand’s engineers offers three modes of operation: Isolation, Conversation, and Transparency.

Is the Dyson Zone a Delusion or a Vision?

Covid-19Generally, the idea of an air-purifying headset sounds innovative and original, especially for those who are suffering from allergies, breathing diseases, or even travelers, this product can assist and protect them against environmental pollution anywhere and everywhere.

The use of this product goes beyond the current Covid 19 pandemic, according to Dyson, because it filters out ultrafine particles such as allergens and all airborne particles in heavily polluted cities. So, such a device could be very successful in countries where pollution is endemic.

This is Dyson’s first step into the audio market, particularly the fiercely competitive Bluetooth headphones market. However, that’s a reason why I will not wear these headphones at this moment.

In my opinion, the Dyson Zone’s overwhelming and slightly uncomfortable appearance seems inappropriate and disturbing. However, this accessory may anticipate futuristic personal equipment.

The Dyson Zone wearable air purifier did not convince me despite all its potential benefits because I think it is possible to develop a similar technology without wearing a headset.

Final Thoughts – Will It Be The Best Wearable Air Purifier?

Innovation is always welcome, especially when it entails taking risks and thinking outside the box. This wearable air purifier will not only protect its users from environmental noise but also pollution and allergens while providing a worthy audio experience. However, perhaps developing this device will make it more practical and appealing for those seeking the best wearable air purifier.

Also, since the Dyson Zone, a wearable air purifier is still evasive about the technical specifications of the headphones, their connection features, various functionalities, autonomy, etc. We should probably wait a few months before knowing more about it, not to mention the price and the launch date of the Dyson Zone, which remains under wraps. If you want to get the latest news about Dyson Zone in the future, you could Click Here to sign up for their updates.

If you have any questions about the best wearable air purifier: Dyson Zone, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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