GermGuardian Air Purifier Review: Should You Buy The AC5250PT Air Purifier?

GermGuardian Air Purifier Review
GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier
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No doubt, this is the best GermGuardian air purifier review you’ll ever need. The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier is an excellent cleaning system that can provide relief from allergies and asthma symptoms and help protect against flu and other respiratory viruses.

Its true HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns, while the UV-C light (optional) helps to kill bacteria and viruses. The charcoal filter also helps to reduce odors in the air.

The AC5250PT air purifier would be a good choice for anyone looking for an air purifier to help with allergies or asthma symptoms or who wants to protect their family from respiratory viruses. So far, it has become popular with pet owners due to its PetPure Antimicrobial Treatment feature that reduces common odors from pets.

In this GermGuardian air purifier review, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this air purifier and give my opinion on whether it’s worth buying.

What Does The GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier Have To Offer?

The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier is a mid-sized air purifier that can cover rooms up to 180 square feet. Also, it has five fan speeds and an auto mode that adjusts the speed based on the air quality.

The unit runs not so quietly at low speed, but it’s audible at high speed, which is tolerable for some users and unbearable for others.

The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier comes with a 5-year warranty; filter checks light, and 125+ Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). And the smaller the room, the more air changes occur per hour. It also has a built-in timer that users can set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

Product Features Of The GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier

The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier has several features that distinguish it from other air purifiers. Here I would take a close look at each of them.

GermGuardian AC5250PT filter/air purification system

This GermGuardian air purifier review will examine its four filter levels and how effective they are.

GermGuardian Air Purifier Review
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First: it has a Pet Pure HEPA filter, certified to remove 99.97% of particles as minimal as 0.3 microns from the air. This is much better than the standard filters found in most air purifiers, which only remove particles as small as 0.5 microns.

Also, because it has been treated with Pet Pure, it’s able to destroy pet hair, kill mold and bacteria and prevent it from growing inside your home. This antimicrobial treatment also helps to neutralize and prevent odors from bacteria growth, making it ideal for pet-friendly families.

Second: it includes a pre-filter and charcoal filter to reduce odors from pets, cooking, and even smoking. This is a feature that’s not common in air purifiers at this price point which is about $150 on Amazon.

Third: it has a UV-C light to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. This feature is optional, and users can turn it on or off depending on their preference.

Fourth: it features a TIO2 treatment; a naturally occurring mineral that helps in reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) when paired with the UV-C. TIO2 treatment also means a Titanium dioxide filter that cleans the air. It is very stable and considered safe to use in air purifiers.

Finally, you’ll need to replace the HEPA filter every 6-9 months at least (depending on how well you use it) since you cannot clean it out entirely. Doing this also ensures you breathe clean air all year round.

Sleek and Innovative Design Of The GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier

The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier has a length of 27 inches, a width of 11 inches, and a height of 27.25 inches. It weighs 11.25 pounds and is available in black color. Its unique, sleek, and innovative design also makes it desirable.

The Noise Level of The GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier

GermGuardian Air Purifier Review
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At its lowest, the GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier has a noise level of 40db, higher than most of its counterparts, and up to 60db at its highest setting. What it lacks in terms of its noise levels it makes up for it via its high fan power. Your best bet is to keep this unit at its lowest noise level, especially if you plan to use it in your bedroom.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and Room Coverage

The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier is rated to conveniently cover rooms of up to 189 square feet.

Conversely, the volume of filtered air delivered by this unit is measured as smoke/122, Dust/132, and Pollen/138.

This means that the smaller the room, the more effective its clean air delivery rate.

How To Use The GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier?

This GermGuardian air purifier review will be incomplete without letting you know how to use this unit. After purchase, you next want to find a comfortable place to position it. Make sure it is at least 1 foot away from the wall or any blockades for optimal performance. Next, plug its corded electricity into an AC power source and select a speed level of your choice. The air purifier is ready to perform.

GermGuardian Air Purifier Review
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After a while of using it, look out for its filter replacement indicator; if the light is on, that’s a clear sign that you’ll have to replace the HEPA filter real soon. As for the UV/C light filter, it’s totally up to you to turn it on or off.


The GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier has several features that make it a good choice for air purification. These include:

  • True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air
  • Charcoal filter reduces odors
  • UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses
  • Five-speed level settings
  • Auto mode adjusts speed based on the air quality
  • Excellent design and innovation


  • High noise levels; up to 40db, even at its lowest setting

My Verdict

Based on this GermGuardian air purifier review, it’ll be safe to say the GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier is a good air purifier with many features that can help people live healthier lives. It’s effective at removing small particles from the air and has a charcoal filter to reduce odors. Also, it’s California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant and ozone-free, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) Verified (i.e., able to remove smoke, pollen, and dust), and Energy Star Certified (it’s energy efficient), which makes it impressive and safe to use.

The downsides are evident, especially its noise level, but some users can cope with it.

Overall, if you need an air purifier with the positive features outlined in this review, especially if you’re a pet owner, the GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier is worth considering.

If you have any questions about the GermGuardian AC5250PT air purifier, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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