Read This Before Buying Ozone-free Air Purifiers!!

Today, I’ll talk about ozone-free air purifiers. If you’re going to buy one for your home use, please read this article carefully before you make your purchasing decision.

Since our health and the condition of our homes are so closely linked, we all need access to clean air to function appropriately for everyday life. The truth is, you might not even realize it when you’re breathing dirty air, but over time this can cause severe problems with your respiratory tract and immune system.

Clean air is essential, and that’s why I’ve put together a list of tips on how to choose an effective air purifier for your home or office. Also, if you’re asking, should I choose ozone-free air purifiers?

Well, you’re not alone; I will discuss everything you need to know about these types of purifiers and their health implications. Continue reading to learn more.

Ozonation vs. Air Filtration

OzoneOzone is an essential natural element that protects us from harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air we breathe because it acts as a sterilizing filter.

Sadly, these beneficial molecules that cause ozone to be effective at removing odors are quick to break down and become extremely harmful due to the ozone’s unstable composition.

If you think about this fact for even a moment, you might realize why ozone generators are dangerous, as they continuously release potent ozonated particles into our homes.

More so, this type of air purification could be dangerous because it doesn’t allow our bodies to build up resistance against bad (pathogenic) germs. One study showed that continuous exposure to high levels of ozone or other oxidants could cause asthma or worsen pre-existing respiratory conditions by reducing the amount of ciliated epithelial cells in the lungs.

Hence, it’s safe to choose air purifiers that have no ozonation functions.

What are Ozone-Free Air Purifiers and the Benefits of Ozone-Free Air Purifiers?

Ozone-free air purifiers are just like regular air purifiers but without ozone. You probably already know that ozone can cause problems for your respiratory tract and immune system.

If you want a home free from allergens, odors, and unhealthy ozone, your best bet will be to choose a machine with “ozone-free” technology.

One significant benefit of ozone-free air purifiers is that it doesn’t generate ozone and can reduce all kinds of carbon-based contaminants in the air.

That way, your home or office is free of mold, viruses, odors, and other pollutants that might try to deprive you of a clean-smelling space.

Tips for Choosing Quality Ozone-Free Air Purifiers

Below are some simple tips on how to do just that:

HEPA FilterLet’s start with the filter. Since we know that air purifiers should have one, we’ll use it as our first selection category. The filter is usually made from high-quality material such as HEPA or activated carbon. High-quality filters will trap even the tiniest particles and can last for a very long time (some types need replacement every six months).

  • Check how many square feet of the area it covers

If you’re looking to purify large spaces (over 500 or 1000 sq ft), make sure your chosen model has enough power and capacity to efficiently clean the air in your living space. Always check the exact measurement of your space before purchase and read through online reviews to know the best fit for your room.

  • Make sure it’s built with quality materials… and pay attention to the manufacturer.

Does the purifier have a good track record? Have they been selling air purifiers long enough to prove their worth? Is it well-built and able to last for years of use? These are all essential things you need to know before making your choice.

  • Think about how much noise the unit generates

Because you’ll be using this machine at home or work, it has to be quiet enough, such that it doesn’t interfere with other activities you could be involved with. For example, if you’re buying an ionizing model, make sure that it’s got some kind of noise reduction feature. However, if you go for a model with a HEPA filter (which is the better choice in this case), it shouldn’t make much noise at all.

Is There any Health Risk with Ozone-Free Air Purifiers?

No! Ozone-free air purifiers are entirely safe to use – that’s why they’re so popular among allergy sufferers and asthmatics who want nothing to do with ozone or UV light. There are no adverse effects linked with their regular use, just many positive ones.

So…should we buy an ozone-free air purifier?

As mentioned before, ozone-free air purifiers produce no unpleasant byproducts, so there’s nothing wrong with using them. If you’re looking for top-quality purifying power/capacity and good noise levels but aren’t ready to pay too much for it all – go ahead and get yourself one (or two) ozone-free units now! But… make sure that they have good quality HEPA filters, so you don’t compromise on any benefits.

Don’t overthink things: if the purifier you choose has HEPA filters, then it’s as clean as can be. Just change the filter every now (usually 4-6 months) and then for the best results!

What is the First Thing to Look Out For in My Air Purifier to Avoid Ozone?

Ozone-free Air Purifiers

When buying an air purifier for your home or office, and you want to avoid ozone entirely, the first and most essential thing to do is choose an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter.

Why is that so important? HEPA filters do NOT produce any ozone. They are designed to trap 99.97% of pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns, and it does this by pulling air into the unit via its fan and trapping contaminants in the process. It then releases pure air into your room and continually repeats this process of clean air distribution.

Finally, avoid air purifiers that use ozone to cleanse the air and electrostatic plates as their main means of filtration. Read the product description carefully and check the packaging to ensure terms like “ozone”, “energized oxygen” or “activated oxygen” do not appear on it. These are other ways manufacturers describe ozone technology and you want to avoid such products at all costs.


There are lots of advantages to using ozone-free air purifiers as seen above and you can clearly see why you should choose these purifiers above all else. When buying, we recommend picking a unit with a HEPA filter so the air you inhale will be as clean and fresh as can be.

I hope this article helped you see things in a new light! If you have any questions about buying ozone-free air purifiers, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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