What Should I Look Out For When Buying a Heavy-Duty Air Purifier?

Indoor Air QualityA heavy-duty air purifier is a specialized machine that should be used in a place where the air quality is exceedingly poor or hazardous to your health.

A heavy-duty air purifier can remove pollutants and irritants from indoor and outdoor environments and improve overall air quality by taking out microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, harmful chemicals, smoke, and odors.

Likewise, these purifiers are a great investment for any home or office that has a lot of people passing through it consistently. The more you have to go in and out, the more pollutants and chemicals they’re going to track in, which means the more you need an efficient way to remove them from the air, so they don’t affect your health.

And while any heavy-duty air purifier will do what it’s supposed to do, there are some things you should consider when buying this product, so you know exactly what kind is best suited for your needs.

Clean Air Delivery Rate – The Higher The Better

The first thing to look at in an air purifier is its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). Simply speaking, the higher CADR, the better

The CADR measures how many cubic feet of air the purifier can clean every minute. These ratings are provided for three common pollutants – Dust, Pollen and Smoke.

One way to check this out is by searching for “air purifier reviews” on the Internet. You’ll find many consumer sites – pick ones with lots of reviews, good ratings, and most importantly, look at the customer’s written testimonials. These will give you an idea about how effective their products are in dealing with various pollutants.

Filters – Basic 101 of Air Purifiers

Air FilterAnother thing that potential buyers need to know is that there are usually 3 types of filters used in air purifiers: pre-filters, HEPA filters, and carbon filters.

The pre-filter captures larger particles such as dust and lint before they get to the HEPA filter so that it will work more effectively. HEPA filters trap smaller particles such as pollen and pet dander, while carbon filters help to remove odors and chemicals. If you have allergies, look for a unit with at least 2 filtration stages: pre-filter and HEPA filter.

If your budget allows, the best air purifier is one that features an activated carbon or zeolite filter. These will reduce common allergens like pollen and mold, and odors from pets, cigarettes, mildew, etc. Activated carbon works by attracting pollutants within its millions of tiny pores – almost like a molecular sponge. It then traps these substances so that they don’t get back into the air again.

In Terms of Size…

Heavy-duty air purifiers come in all different sizes and can be bought online nowadays with minimal hassle. The best air purifier for a small room may not be the best one for a big office, and vice versa, so you should decide how much space you need to be covered before buying anything.

You also may want to ask about having multiple units set up in different rooms if they’re too large for just one; this can provide better overall coverage and make sure no one is breathing in harmful chemicals and gases that could cause problems over time.

In Terms of Energy Consumption…

Nobody wants to pay higher than necessary utility bills because their air purifier sucks up all their juice when it’s running. And while some heavy-duty air purifiers won’t cost you much extra money each month, others might need so much electricity to run at full capacity they wind up making it more expensive in the long term. The good news is, there are energy-saving models available if you look closely enough, which will save you money on electricity costs over time.

In Terms of Noise Levels…

NoiseSome heavy-duty air purifiers are extremely loud when turned all the way up; this is because their fans need to work extra hard to remove even microscopic pollutants from your home or office. If you’re easily bothered by loud noises, then you might want to consider buying a quieter model that still gets the job done just as well or simply wearing hearing protection when necessary. You also can get larger air purifiers for offices instead of small ones so everyone can work without being disturbed.

Does Price Matter?

Price is a vital factor when making a major purchase, and heavy-duty air purifiers can cost quite a bit in some cases. But if you compare the cost of one against all the chemicals and pollutants in your home or office that it will remove from the air in return, you’ll see there really is no comparison; using an air purifier is well worth whatever initial costs you might pay.

It would help if you also recognize that buying something like this once instead of opting for cheaper models over and over again will save money in the long run.

Some Quality Heavy-duty Air Purifiers on the Market Right NOW!!

Though these 2 purifiers are very expensive, they get excellent ratings from users and professionals alike. In addition to being more affordable over time, they’re also both very energy efficient and quiet enough to use in a wide variety of places. They also have been tested extensively to remove contaminants from the air around you that you can’t see and might not even realize there are until it’s too late!

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Round Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

Honeywell 50250-S Heavy-duty Air PurifierThe Honeywell 50250-S air purifier is an excellent option for heavy-duty air purifiers. It’s just as effective at removing chemicals and germs from the air in your home or office, but it can also reduce unpleasant odors that might be present in the area too.

Another cool perk is its built-in electronic timer control, which lets you set when you want the purifier to run, so it doesn’t waste energy when nobody’s around. You can switch it on/off when you need to by pressing a button, regardless of whether it’s in timer mode or not!

In addition to being very efficient for what it does, this unit is also extremely quiet; even if you turn it up all the way, you’ll barely notice a difference in noise level compared to when it’s turned off completely. It cost around $260 and has a 5-year warranty.

Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Heavy-duty Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

Honeywell HPA300 Heavy-duty Air PurifierThe Honeywell HPA300 air purifier is an excellent value that offers the same level of quality as similar products without matching their high price tags. It’s one of our top choices for heavy-duty air purifiers thanks to its multi-stage filtration system, which increases its effectiveness at removing chemicals, odors, and germs from your home or office significantly.

In addition to this unit having a permanent filter installed, it also has an indicator light that shows when you need to replace it, so there are no unpleasant surprises after using the machine for too long!

It’s also extremely quiet, so you can run it while you sleep without worrying about noise levels getting too high. The LED display that indicates when extra cleaning is needed or when it needs to be cleaned out itself should make anyone feel better about putting this unit in their bedroom; no matter what else there might be happening, you’ll know exactly how well your purifier is doing its job!

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Heavy-duty air purifiers are extremely beneficial to have around any home or office with a lot of traffic coming through daily. If you prioritize quality and efficiency in air purifiers, make sure to take these buying factors into account when choosing which one is right for you.

If you have any questions about heavy-duty air purifiers, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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