What You Don’t Know About Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier!

With the increasing cost of energy and concern for environmental protection, we need more advanced products to help us reduce air pollutant emissions. A good air purifier such as Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier is one of those products that can come into play as an effective solution for breathing fresh air at home or office.

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier
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Hathaspace is a fast-growing company in Chicago; it was established with the mission of “Improving the health and wellness of our community with purified air.” Since then, they have devoted themselves to making quality E-health appliances that help people stay healthy. They offer a wide range of product lines for home and commercial use; all focused on air purifiers.

Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier is one of Hathaspace’s leading air purifiers, designed in a sleek and compact look, and it represents Hathas’s commitment to making high-quality indoor lifestyle products for every home.

Hathaspace HSP002 and Hathaspace HSP003 are other models that could cover larger areas. If you’re looking for an air purifier for larger than 1500 sq ft and willing to pay more, HSP002 and HSP003 may be better choices.

In case you’re asking, is the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier good for your family? Is it worth buying? The following review will give you insight into the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier. I will discuss the product specifications, pros, and cons of this product in detail and finally conclude with an unbiased judgment on whether it is good or not.

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier – Honest and Trusted Review 

Hathaspace has a strong R&D team; they have been developing and improving the quality of their products for years. The advanced technology makes the air purifier quiet with its noise level between 21dB and 43dB. Also, its true H11 HEPA filter can help to reduce allergens, pet danders, smoke, dust, molds, odors, and pollens, and able to absorb PM3.0 particles which cause respiratory problems such as asthma, coughing, etc.

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Features
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5 Stages Filtration System With a Set of True H11 HEPA Filter

The filtration system is the most important element of an air purifier. Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier is equipped with a high-end True H11 HEPA filter, and it uses 5-stage filtration, which can absorb 99.97% of dust particles, allergens, and pollens in your living space. When I got my HSP001, there was 1 set of true H11 HEPA filters in the box. Let’s look at the details of this filter set.

  • 1st Stage: Cold Catalyst Filter
Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier - H11 HEPA Filters
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Cold Catalyst Filter is the first stage of the filtration system of Hathaspace HSP001. It claims to target VOCs and other harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and hydrogen sulfide.

In my opinion, it is rare to use a cold catalyst filter in an air purifier, but it can transform VOCs, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and other harmful gases into less-toxic pollutants. It is similar to a catalytic converter of a car. Well, the more stages of filtration, the cleaner air is supposed to be (the higher the price as well).

  • 2nd Stage: Activated Carbon Filter

The Activated Carbon Filter is a unique honeycomb carbon filter. It contains 350 grams of activated carbon and is used to absorb smoke, odors, and gases like formaldehyde.

  • 3rd Stage: HEPA Pre-Filter

HEPA Pre-Filter can filter out larger particles like dust, debris, and pet hair, preserving the surface area of the HEPA filter. It is a very important stage to protect the efficiency of the True H11 HEPA filter. Almost all HEPA air purifiers on the market feature a pre-filter to firstly capture larger particles before the air pass to the HEPA filter.

  • 4th Stage: True H11 HEPA Filter
Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier - H13 HEPA Filters
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The last stage is the True H11 HEPA Filter which can filter out 99.97% of airborne pollutants like allergens, dust, pollen, pet dander, and tobacco smoke particles down to 0.3 microns.

An H11 HEPA filter is also referred to as a True HEPA filter. Generally, True HEPA filters range from H10 to H12. Although the H11 HEPA filter could filter 99.97% of airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns, H10 to H12 filters can only trap 85-99.5% of all particles that are 0.1 microns.

It is not the highest tier of HEPA filters. The highest tier is the H13 or H14 HEPA filters. H13 or H14 HEPA filters are considered medical-grade quality. Many home-used air purifiers usually featured H13 HEPA filters. An H13 HEPA filter can also filter 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns but it can even trap up to 99.95% of particles with a minimum size of 0.1 microns.

When I got my Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier, a set of H11 HEPA filters is in the box. If you want to use a higher-tier HEPA filter, fortunately, you could buy a set of H13 HEPA replacement filters on Amazon or the official website of Hathaspace and then replace it with the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier.

  • 5th Stage: Anion Ionizer

As I said, Hathasace HSP001 features 5 stages filtration system. So, what is the fifth stage? Here it is. Apart from the filters, there is a built-in Anion Ionizer that can remove odors from the surroundings.

I can choose to turn on or off the ionizer. I don’t like any ionizer since it will produce ozone. According to the Hathaspace website, the ionizer feature produces 0.003261 parts per million ozone, which is well below the recommended ozone exposure limit recommended by California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Well, ozone is ozone. It may be harmful even with a very limited amount. So, I’d rather choose to turn it off.

Auto Mode With 3 Fan Speed Options

There are 3 fan speed options in this product, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Moreover, it features an Auto Mode that adjusts the fan speed automatically to your surroundings.

When I turned on the Auto Mode, the smart air quality sensor will detect the pollutants in your air and automatically switch the fan speed in line with the room’s air quality. The digital display in front of the air purifier will show your air quality level in 3 colors which are green, orange, and red. Green represents the best air quality and red represents the worst air quality.

Again, I decided to test it in a room with poor air quality and observed that the air purifier worked at its highest speed while improving indoor air quality.

Whisper-Quite Sleep Mode – Noise Level as Low as 21dB

Let’s talk about the noise issues since some people find that some expensive products such as Samsung or Panasonic UV air purifiers create so much noise, which wakes up their baby’s sleep time.

The highest fan speed of the Hathaspace HSP001 produces the loudest noise. It emits 43 dB of sound and I found that it is barely hearable at about 8 feet away. Moreover, I found out about the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier that its Sleep Mode feature operates on the lowest fan speed while its indicator lights shut down.

That way, it’s quiet at first, and you can easily sleep without a blanket on the bed just by turning it on at night. I’ll say that if the fan speed were much lower, this air purifier would be the perfect sleep mode appliance; however, it can still get you through the night conveniently.

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Coverage
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Coverage – Up to 700sq ft

The Hathaspace HSP001 can replace 100% of the air in 700 sq ft hourly and 350 sq ft for 30 minutes.

Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier is not for rooms above 700 sq ft; you should consider buying a bigger one such as the Hathaspace HSP002 and Hathaspace HSP003 if you live in a big house or office. Like every other air purifier, Hathaspace HSP001 can’t purify humid air, and its function for removing humidity is limited.

The filter set will need to be replaced regularly every 4 to 6 months, especially when your family members suffer from allergy problems. I realized that some users will clean the filter with a soft brush to maintain the efficiency of the air purifier. However, I think the filters have to replace eventually to maintain their best performance. You could buy a set of H11 HEPA filters or H13 HEPA filters on Amazon.

One of the drawbacks of this air purifier is it’s quite inconvenient to replace the filters since it doesn’t come with an indicator that reminds you when to replace them.

Also, the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier doesn’t work so well with cigarette smoke, so I suggest you buy a high-end product if your family members are smokers.

Sleek and Elegant Design

The design of the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier is sleek and elegant. It comes in white color with a hint of black. You can place this device in any corner of your room – not too close to the wall if you want to enjoy fresh air all around the room equally.

And yes! It has LED display functions for fan speed, 1-12 hrs timer, sleep mode, air quality, light control, etc. Don’t forget that this product also has an optional ionizer button which will produce negative ions to eliminate bad smells from cooking food, pets’ smells, or smoking cigarettes/tobacco indoors.

For people, just like me, who prefer to avoid devices using ionizers, the good news is you can disable this feature for as long as you need to.

Pricing – $229 (Save $70 on Amazon)

The Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier costs only $229 on Amazon, which is pretty affordable compared with similar home appliances in the market. Although it doesn’t have a smart app, it has a plastic remote controller, which makes it very convenient for you to adjust its settings from a distance. Apart from the remote controller, you’ll find the air purifier, a manual, H11 HEPA filter sets, and a 2-year warranty card while unboxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Pollutant Removement
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  • Q: Does Hathaspace HSP001 have an anti-bacteria function?
  • A: Yes, the Hathaspace HSP001 can remove bacteria with a 99.97% efficiency rating. Also, it has an over 98% removal rate of Staphylococcus Albus & Escherichia Coli and over 99.99% removal rate of H1N1 & EV71 virus based on 3rd party testing (Intertek 2021).
  • Q: Is Hathaspace HSP001 good for rooms with more than 80 sqm?
  • A: No, it’s suitable for 700 square ft rooms or less. If you’re looking for larger coverage, I’ll recommend Hathaspace HSP002 or Hathaspace HSP003 which are suitable for rooms with more than 1500 sq ft and 2800 sq ft respectively.
  • Q: Can I use the Hathaspace filter on another cleaner that I already have?
  • A: No, the filters are specially designed for Hathaspace products.
  • Q: What are the warranty, power consumption, and Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier?
  • A: It has a 2 years warranty, power consumption of 45W, and a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 94 cubic feet per minute (CFM) / (160m3/h). In my opinion, its CADR is lower than average, which isn’t so commendable, as most air purifiers come with 200 CADR. On the other hand, the big Hathaspace HSP002 has a CADR rating of 450, which is superb.

Is Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Worth Buying?

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier - Amazon Reviews
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Honestly, the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier is a pretty good air purifying system for people who want to buy economical and effective home appliances. The cigarette smoke removing function is only effective on particles of larger size, which means it’s not good enough for someone who smokes indoors frequently.

In terms of design, it looks good from the exterior to the interior at a reasonable price. Hathaspace HSP001 came up with a nice-looking machine that is just small enough not to take too much space but with nice features.

It makes very little noise when operating, which is great for bedrooms. The display is also well lit, so I can see what settings it’s on in the dark. On the other hand, you could turn the lights off. And most importantly, my house smells fresh after running this machine for a day or two.

The filters are easy to replace and affordable, the H11 and H13 True HEPA filters are sold at about $40 and $50 respectively on Amazon. It is reasonable if you’re used to paying more than that at other stores for similar items.

On average, I’ll give it 4.5 stars out of 5. And the global rating from more than 12,000 Amazon customers is 4.6 out of 5 stars. You could click here to read all the customers’ reviews on Amazon.


  • The price is reasonable and fairly affordable for a 5-in-1 HEPA filtration system.
  • Easy to operate with a remote controller.
  • High-quality filter material – H11 or H13 HEPA filter sets.
  • Hathaspace customer service responds fast.
  • Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier effectively removes pet hair, dander, smoke, VOCs, dust, allergens, virus, and bacteria from the air.


  • If you’re a heavy smoker, this product might not be best for you. However, vapers will find it useful.
  • LED display bright at night. You can’t adjust the brightness of the LED display according to the user’s mood but you can just turn it off.

My Verdict

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Pollutant Removement
Image Source: Amazon.com

Although people have different needs in size or environmental conditions, based on customers’ feedback and personal use, I think this is an excellent product with great value for money, particularly for small-medium rooms up to 65 square meters. It’s easy to use and maintain, so you can get good results in just minutes after putting it into your home or office. Overall, it will protect your family’s health with clean and fresh air indoors.

Thank you for reading my unbiased review of the Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier. I hope this review will help you to make your best purchasing decision. If you want to look at more details and specs about Hathaspace HSP001, you could click here to check it out. So, what’s my verdict about the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier? This is awesome! I think it’s worth having!

If you have any questions about the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Excellent review! Only a few days ago I read a newspaper article that stated that nearly everyone in the world is breathing in polluted air … It made me think, and I was wondering about air filters, if they made a difference. It looks like this is a good one, judging by the many positive reviews. I like that it can also remove odors.

    • Thank you for the comment, Christine. Yes, I think an air purifier is an essential appliance at home to improve indoor air quality nowadays. So, I recommend anyone should have at least one in their home. Hathaspace HSP001 is not a bad choice.

  2. Hey,

    This really does seem like a great product, especially for big families who live in a mid-size to bigger house. I live in London in the UK, and the smog down here is pretty bad. It does sometimes come in through the windows too, so using this product would definitely purify the air in my house.

    I will let you know if I do purchase this product and if you could help me with it, that would be great. If that is OK with you?

    Keep up the great work in sharing your articles.

    All the best,


    • Thank you for the comment, Tom. Sure, I can help you with that. It is a good air purifier with large coverage. Try it and I do believe it could improve your indoor air quality.

  3. Oh – such great timing on this review!

    My hayfever has just kicked in with force and I’m really in need of a great air purifier so that I stop waking up with a streaming nose and eyes! (especially since the current form of covid-19 here in the UK looks like a cold – and I keep getting funny looks in the shops).

    I need to put it in my bedroom – so I’m glad the LED can be turned off (any light when I’m trying to sleep is a no no for me). My office is a bit bigger than 65 square meters though, so if I need something for there too, what would you recommend for a bigger area – it’s approx 120 square meters?

    • Thank you for the comment, Lisa. The maximum coverage of HSP001 is 700 sq ft which is about 65 sq meters. If you want a bigger one, I would recommend HSP002 or HSP003 models. The maximum coverage of HSP002 and HSP003 are about 140 sq meters and 260 sq meters respectively. I believe HSP002 is the best suitable for your 120 sq meters area.

  4. Thanks for the informative article, it was really helpful in understanding Hathaspace HSP001 air.

    I think this purifier is really great because it not only cleans the air, but work also work to reduce noise levels. Like you said, it would have been super great if the fan speed were much lower at night, but then, no air purifier is completely silent.

    At least, not yet.

    I have a question about it that I thought you might be able to answer.
    For a relatively new brand, how do you think Hathaspace HSP001 compares to other air purifiers on the market, since this one is quite affordable and is well reviewed?


    • Thank you for the comment, Femi. Compared to other air purifiers on the market, Hathaspace HSP001 is a good air purifier for small-medium rooms up to 65 square meters. It is more affordable than other air purifiers with similar coverage areas. However, it is not suitable for larger areas. Therefore, if your rooms are much larger, HSP002 or HSP003 are much better.


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