Why Should You Buy an Instant AP100 Air Purifier? Trusted Instant Air Purifier Review

Instant Air Purifier
Instant AP100 Air Purifier
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If you’re looking for a versatile, low-maintenance, and affordable air purifier, an Instant air purifier is for you. The Instant company, best known for its multicookers and air fryers, entered the air purifier market in 2021 with three models: AP100 for small rooms, AP200 for medium rooms, and AP300 for large rooms.

It was the first time the company expanded its product line to include home goods. If you’re a fan of this brand’s products as much as I am, you’ll love this new addition to the line as I do. Recently, I purchased an Instant AP100 air purifier as I was looking for a small unit for my bedroom. I am here with my honest and unbiased review of the Instant air purifier – AP100 to let you know why I’m a big fan of it.

In-depth Instant Air Purifier Review

Here is an in-depth review of the Instant AP100 air purifier. I will let you know about:

  • Design and performance
  • Specifications
  • Features 
  • Pricing
  • Pros and cons
  • My recommendation

Appealing Design with Amazing Performance

This Instant air purifier is a sleek and stylish air purifier with a modern design. The top-mounted touch-sensitive buttons, as well as the light band, add to the overall aesthetics. I like the 360-degree air intake holes and upward exhaust the most. The controls are easy to comprehend. When the room is dark, the auto mode will turn off the light band. When the sensor detects pollutants, smoke, or VOC, it will change the color of the light band to white, orange, and red to indicate the air quality level is good, okay and poor respectively. I recommend the AP100 because its sensors work hard to clean the air when necessary.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight, and the top panel digital buttons make it simple to use. There are three fan levels, an ion on/off switch, a power button, and three light on/off/diff intensity levels, so there is something for everyone. 

Instant AP100 Air Purifier Specifications

Name: Instant AP100 Air Purifier  

Model No: AP100

Color: Charcoal / Pearl 

Brand: Instant

Air Circulation Rate: 138m3/h

Filtration: Triple Protection Filtration

Room Coverage: 126 sq. ft.

Dimensions: 8.6″L × 8.6″D x 13.5″H 

Weight: 8 Pounds 

Control System: Touch


  1. Auto
  2. Night
  3. Eco


  1. Particle Sensor
  2. Light Sensor

Fan Speeds:  3

Screen brightness levels:  4

Air Flow Design: 360 degree airflow design

Warranty: 1 Year

Price: $97.99 on Amazon

Major Features of Instant AP100 Air Purifier

Here I will share my experience of what I found exceptional in AP100 while using it. Below are the dominant features of this Instant Air Purifier. I hope this will help you make your decision easy whether to buy it or not.

Plasma Ion 4-staged Air Filtration Technology

Instant Air Purifier
Image Source: Amazon.com

This Instant air purifier has a 4-stage air filtration system that includes a 3-in-1 air filter and an ionizer. 

  • The true HEPA H13 filtration layer in the 3-in-1 air filter captures pollutants down to 0.3 microns with 99.97 percent efficiency.
  • It also includes an activated carbon filtration layer. This layer contains granular carbon that absorbs various odors found in a home.
  • The antimicrobial coating is the third layer of the air cleaning system. It primarily prevents bacteria growth inside the air purifier.
  • Instant AP100 air purifier also uses Plasma Ion Technology, which is, basically, an ionizer. It generates negative ions, which attach to particles, making them bigger and easier to capture.
  • The only thing I don’t like about this Instant air purifier is that it doesn’t have a pre-filter. A pre-filter typically aids in the trapping of large particles and hair, not only improving overall air quality but also preventing other filters such as the HEPA and activated carbon filtration layer from wearing out hastily. 

Ideal for Small Rooms, Kitchens, and Offices

Instant Air Purifier
Image Source: Amazon.com

This Instant air purifier is a compact but effective purifier for smaller rooms, kitchens, and offices. It is small and lightweight, easy to move from one place to another. No doubt, the Instant AP100 air purifier may be a welcome addition to our home and office as Instant air purifier has become a standard of post-pandemic new social norms.

It’s small, but it’s powerful when it comes to removing odors from a small apartment. Because of its small size, I was a little skeptical, but this little unit made a significant difference when I took to breathe. I can honestly say that I do not feel as suffocated as I used to be. 

AHAM Verified with One-year Warranty

This AP100 Instant air purifier is verified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, commonly known as AHAM, for filtering the air in an area of 126 sqft 5x per hour or up to 630 sqft 1x per hour. It means it can clean the air in a 126 sqft area for every 12 minutes. This purifying unit is suitable for people with respiratory problems like allergies and asthma.

In addition, it has a one-year limited warranty. I know it is not a good thing compared to other air purifiers. But I am satisfied as it is cheaper than other purifying units and competes with them in performance. 

Whisper-quiet Mode

Bluntly speaking, Instant air purifiers are somehow far from dumb quiet when operating at higher speeds. As for sound levels, the Instant AP100 air purifier is quiet at low speeds but noisy at high speeds. But, thank goodness, in the Night mode, the air purifier only runs at a speed that produces a buzzing sound, which isn’t bothersome. I have placed my air unit in my bedroom, and it does not disturb me at all during the night. When it’s time for bed, a light sensor turns off displays and reduces noise to whisper-quiet levels. 

Price: $97.99 on Amazon

Instant Air Purifier
Image Source: Amazon.com

Price is always an unavoidable factor when buying some essential home appliances, especially when you are tight on budget. I was facing the same situation when I decided to buy an air purifier. Keeping my budget in mind, I was looking for the best air purifiers under $100 having extraordinary features.

Meanwhile, I came across the Instant AP100 air purifier that met my standards. I noticed that my home’s air quality got improved after using it. No doubt, I was right in my decision to go with AP100. So, when it comes to price, you do not need to spend a heavy amount to reap the full benefits of the Instant air purifier. You can buy an Instant AP100 air purifier for $97.99 only on Amazon.

The Pros and Cons of The Instant AP100 Air Purifier

Here, I will help to let you know about the solid reasons for buying or avoiding buying an Instant AP100 Air Purifier. I will tell you what I felt was admirable or reprehensible when I used it personally.


  • Triple protection filtration (HEPA-13, Activated Carbon, antimicrobial coating) plus Plasma ion technology.
  • AHAM-verified.
  • Ideal for home, office, and small rooms.
  • Convenient and versatile.
  • Removes 99.97% of ultrafine particles (0.3 microns) from the air in 126 sqft room 5x per hour
  • Reasonable price


  • Lacks a pre-filter
  • Lacks a timer
  • 1-year limited warranty only

My Recommendation

Instant AP100 air purifier is a full-featured modern air purifier with a true HEPA-13 filter that captures 99.97% of dust, dander, pollen, allergens, and other ultrafine impurities in the air. Summing up, I would say that my experience with this Instant air purifier is quite positive. The lack of a pre-filter and timer are the only drawbacks I can see.

In short, the Instant AP100 air purifier is suitable enough to fit in a small bedroom, office, or kitchen. As for air purification, this air purifier is a good choice for 126 sqft 5x per hour or up to 615 sqft 1x per hour, as evidenced by this review. If your room is medium or large, you can consider Instant Air Purifiers model no. AP200 or AP300 according to your room size.

If you have any questions about this Instant air purifier, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot.

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